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Strategic Communications for EU funded projects

The aim of our project communication training is to give you toolkit that you can scale to the fit size of your projects.

There are strong links between successful projects in results & outcomes and how well the communications run.  But project partners often feel under resourced and over stretched when it come to project communications. There are not the same resources and budgets that large companies can devote to communications. So how can we do a good job for our projects?


Effective communications = Successful projects

Communications should be planned as an integral part of the project and the potential success is to a large extent determined at planning stages.

This training is for partners, communications officers from organisations and consortia that are considering applying for EU funded projects from 2014 to 2020. The aim is to help participants put communications at the core of the projects.

Our training seminars and the workshop sessions are interactive and geared toward practical skills and methods, providing participants with tools and ideas which can be used in communication planning and daily project implementation.

What our training seminars offer

Our seminars are designed to help project partners, consortia and organisations who are considering to apply for and run EU funded projects to be able to plan effective communications into their projects from the start.

The seminar will offer participants training on:

  • Trends for the future
  • Strategic communication planning
  • Social media in the public realm
  • Effective communication of results and outcomes
  • Monitoring and evaluation of communications

For more information

The aim of our project communication training is to give you toolkit that you scale to the size of your projects. If you would like us to organise training in project communications for your partners please contact us at


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